7 days
50 designers
25+ countries
Ireland’s West Coast
26th October till 1st November 2018


MENC ReviveRevise Ireland, 26th Oct – 1st Nov, 2018

This year, between the 26th of October – 1st of November, 50 architecture & design students from MEDS (Meeting of Design Students) will be coming to Ireland. Representing over 25 countries, these 50 designers will live, work and collaborate together for 7 days along Ireland’s West Coast. MENC is the annual Meeting Of National Contacts for the larger MEDS organisation. Following on from a two week design and construction workshop which takes places every August, MENC is an opportunity for a core group of people to meet, discuss, reflect upon, and progress the future of the MEDS workshop. MENC ReviveRevise was originally proposed and selected in 2017 at the MENC Zaragoza conference. This year the MENC 2018 conference will have two additional days allocated to the discussion of DSGN, a sister organisation. The core organising team is a group of young Irish architecture and design students based in Dublin and Cork.


This year the conference will be taking place for several days along Irelands West Coast. The event will be split across two locations, beginning in the Bohemian city of Galway and moving down South to Ireland’s surf town of Lahinch. The event seeks to showcase both the urban and rural landscapes of Ireland, creating conversation about culture and heritage, and exploring local ideas of craft, design and architecture. The event will also include a series of lectures, talks and excursions, which will be integrated as part of the five day working schedule.


This year the theme of the conference is ReviveRevise. As the MEDS organisation approaches its 10th year of workshops, we seek to take some time to step back and reflect, before continuing to move forward. ReviveRevise is about evaluating the past 9 years of our organisation, discussing the pro’s and con’s of each workshop, and ultimately questioning what we do and where we are going.

In order to step back and evaluate, one must seek a place free from distractions, and where better to do this than along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. For the duration of our event this barren Irish landscape will provide us with the perfect backdrop for reflection. We seek to use this Irish wilderness as a tool, a source of inspiration, a place to think. ​

As we begin to reflect upon our position we will do this in collaboration with a selected group of Irish artists, designers, architects and organisations, whom we see as inspiration within their respective industries and as a possible learning tool for the progression of MEDS. Through a series of talks and discussions we seek a collaborative learning process between all those involved.



The MEDS organisation has no governing body and therefore each year it is down to the organisers to fund for the workshop events. This year, in order to run a successful and productive conference we require the support of many individuals and organisations across a range of fields. If you feel that you could support in any way please do not hesitate to contact us, and keep and eye out for our kickstarter campaign that we will be launching soon to help raise a small amount of funds.