Apart from hosting a two weeks workshop every summer, MEDS is also supporting more events that take part at a different time of the year or for a shorter period. MiniMEDS are smaller workshops organised by a local team for a reduced group of participants, usually lasting no more than one week. Their partnership with MEDS brings mutual support, advertisement, share of skills and experiences.


For it’s second edition, the project involves young designers, graphic designer, educators and artists in a process of reading and interpretation of the landscape surrounding the historical centre of Pennabilli, an ancient hamlet in the Romagna Appennines (Italy). The aim is to experiment communication and participation strategies regarding the territory and directed towards the identification of possible valorisation processes.


MEDS workshops take part each summer in different countries, focusing on various issues, themes, topics and settings that will help any designer to expand their experience. It is a chance to get in touch with diverse approaches to design, different building techniques, traditions and skills. MEDS workshops are not only practical but also theoretical with several conferences taking part.