A team of 20 participants visited the CASINO MARINO building and brainstormed for approaches to replicate one of the rooms in the Castle Gardens.

The CASINO MARINO workshop is fully focused on the reproduction of the china closet – a room with only one natural light source. Once the eyes are adjusted to the darkness the intricate plaster work can be seen due to the casting of shadows that make it visible to the eye.


Somehwere in the Castle Gardens.


The structure of the pavilion is in the construction process and there are two approaches being tested. The team is experimenting with knotting on 1:1 scale to get a feel of the real structure, tying ‘green’ timber poles together with a rope to work out the best way for the construction, also making sure that all health and safety regulations are met.

The interior is going to be completed with an internal lining of Tricoya MDF panels – an Irish designed product made from waste timber – which completes the sustainable aspect of the design. The panels will be layered to create a three dimensional spatial quality.

This process will be used for all of the walls except one which is going to have a more detailed finish created using a stencil and acrylic paint.

A variety of roof structures have also been tested on a smaller scale – all of which use rope to create the illusion of a vaulted ceiling and use canvas to protect the pavilion from the rain.

The finishing touch will be added to the pavilion by the participants who are going to incorporate their own artwork into the space, such as photography and painting.


Daniel Haarholf & co-tutor Joana Martins

architect Douglas Carson