The workshop intends to interact with the people of Dublin by creating pathways for people to follow and games to play in open public spaces.


The main output can now be seen by the residents and visitorsof Dublin, Guerrilla Graffiti collaborated with Dublin based graffiti artists – Novice, Marca Mix and Vents – to revitalise a run-down handball alley on Green Street.


As part of the workshop schedule participants went on an alternative tour of Dublin to see the artworks created by other graffiti artists around the city, and have also placed Molotov stickers around the town to identify certain places. Everyday the participants have been learning a new technique or experimenting with a new medium, making it an enjoyable workshop to be a part of.

In the spirit of Global Green, all will be created with consideration for the environment – using power washing technique and charcoal instead of spray paints. This makes it less resistant to the weather conditions in the long term but also implies that it is not an invasion but rather an intervention for the citizens of Dublin.


Conor Bourke and co-tutor Hugh O’Rourke