The SOUND FOREST installation is a response to the issue of sound in public spaces. Unfortunately, in modern cities we lost the opportunity to explore the range of sounds that must compete with noise pollution due to traffic. This problem inspired us to explore the city and introduce a new aural experience. The project was conceived to maximize participation of students in the design process.


In the centre of the Slovenian capital, the installation became part of the revitalization process of Park Tabor. From the beginning of the design process, it was important that the installation should intrigue and entice, but not be an overpowering presence, that it should not impose itself on its surroundings, but rather that it should grow out of them, and once completed, continue to respond and change with the wind.


Tutors created a basic conceptual framework, selected a limited palate of materials and researched on two potential sites prior to the commencement of the workshop. While the group discussed every aspect of the design together in detail, these boundaries proved helpful in focussing the thoughts of the group such that all potential designs shared a common conceptual spirit.

The construction of installation is based on simplicity and multiplied use of basic elements. The location had a great impact on the shape of the project, because the trees were used as only base of designed structure. 3000 pieces of hand cut MDF hung on 2000 metres of linen string created altogether a complex and intriguing installation.

The border between inside and outside is blurred, establishing two different kinds of spaces: a welcoming exterior and enclosed interior. Big enough for two people to stand, the interior creates an intimate atmosphere. The visitor, immersed in the music, created by both wind and person, surrounded by ever-changing dappled shadows, is able to forget about the busy aspects of city life. The visitor reconnects with the specific conditions of the spot on which they stand: wind passing through surrounding trees and installation, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the glorious brightness of the sky, framed by a small oculus overhead. Free from other distractions, the visitor’s mind is freed to pursue its own thoughts.

For the young and for the old, the installation proved to be an intriguing toy, a musical instrument. For the duration that the visitor was inside, the space became his, with each visit, the room became something else.


Przemyslaw Chimczak & Alicja Sawicka


Alexandra Ana, Fifine Bereiziat, Esme Brooker, Przemyslaw Chimczak, Nikol Chr, Argjent Ferati, Jack Hughes, Argjire Krasniqi, Ilir Krasniqi, Marina Nastou, Manu Negrila, Nicholas Ransome,  Alicja Sawicka, Petya Vatsova, Ruiting Zhang