The main goal of the workshop is to provide a general introduction to working with metal, and build confidence with the medium, while of course having a good time on the way. The tutors enjoy watching the confidence of participants grow over time; their attitudes changing from hesitance to healthy respect.


Throughout the city.


This year they lead a team of 13 participants through the basics of working with metal in the courtyard of Seomra Spraoi, a venue they share with the camera making workshop. Their two weeks have been spent creatively repurposing found and scrap materials into four or five finished bikes. Some of these were created in collaboration with the charitable organisation Food Cloud, a connection made by the organisers rather than the tutors themselves, to help distribute food to the less fortunate.

Alongside the more functional bikes being built to aid charity, bikes were also completed based on creative prompts, such as the ‘Rain-Disco Bike,’ and the ‘Tandem of Social Inequality.’ These concepts, and the bikes themselves, had to be worked and reworked throughout the two weeks. The workshop integrates seamlessly with this year’s theme of ‘Global Green’, using abandoned materials to create a sustainable means of transportation.


Ali Kolaritsch & Christian Heshmatpour