MEDS workshops take part each summer in different countries, focusing on various issues, themes, topics and settings that will help any designer to expand their experience. It is a chance to get in touch with diverse approaches to design, different building techniques, traditions and skills.

MEDS workshops are not only practical but also theoretical with several conferences taking part.

MEDSbyblos 2018: DiverCity

Byblos, the city of a thousand faces, holds within its fortifications, not only a great deal of history but also a great deal of diversity in all its aspects.

The urban entity translates the true definition of variety, combining within the same space, different types of people -from more than one social, cultural or economic group- each having ideas and opinions of their own, all in a very embracing atmosphere, celebrating the multidimensional aspects of a community. Therefore this natural social interaction is a manifestation of the concept of DIVERCITY -with a C- which simply joins cities and their raison-d’être.


In Association With MEDS: DSGN Bali

DSGN (Design Student Global Network) is a workshop initiative in association with MEDS, to begin in early 2019.

DSGN are collaborating with the Five Pillar Foundation — a local community-based organisation in West Bali, Indonesia — for a Community Learning Centre development scheme. The first workshop will focus on the construction of the primary spaces of the scheme for a one month period, where participants can engage in peer-to-peer learning, sustainable design & cultural education with the local community.