MEDS workshops take part each summer in different countries, focusing on various issues, themes, topics and settings that will help any designer to expand their experience. It is a chance to get in touch with diverse approaches to design, different building techniques, traditions and skills.

MEDS workshops are not only practical but also theoretical with several conferences taking part.

Spetses 2019: Memniso

Spetses is a greek island that combines historical richness, tradition and natural beauty. Through time, the island became extremely touristic and the consequences of tourism have affected its identity. In order to serve the enormous numbers of tourists the island hosts each year, locals had to leave their traditional professions and are occupied with new jobs that refer to the island’s new touristic identity. So, traditional professions are currently dying.

“Memniso” in ancient greek means “remember”

The idea of the workshop is to bring these traditional professions together with contemporary crafts and design by exploring new capabilities and learning techniques from expert local craftsmen. The goals of the workshop are to not only learning from the locals, but also exchanging knowledge and sharing skills.


In Association With MEDS: DSGN Bali

DSGN (Design Student Global Network) is a workshop initiative in association with MEDS, to begin in early 2019.

DSGN are collaborating with the Five Pillar Foundation — a local community-based organisation in West Bali, Indonesia — for a Community Learning Centre development scheme. The first workshop will focus on the construction of the primary spaces of the scheme for a one month period, where participants can engage in peer-to-peer learning, sustainable design & cultural education with the local community.