MEDSinitiatives are spin off projects organized by members of the MEDS family. They can be one time events or run for a certain period of time. MEDSinitiatives have different goals and explore contexts outside of the MEDS summer workshop that we as a design community are interested in.

MEDStravel: CROATIA 2019

MEDStravel Croatia is a journey through southern Dalmatia on sailboats. During this journey we will work on multimedia projects that will be exhibited in Zagreb.

What are the outcomes of this travel?

  • document the structures and monuments either digitally or hand drafted
  • compilation of it as a travel book for further future references
  • visit and see the culture for inspiration purposes and develop designing skills
  • have a connection with the country visited



Apart from hosting a two weeks workshop every summer, MEDS is also supporting more events that take part at a different time of the year or for a shorter period. These Workshops are smaller workshops organised by local team for a reduced group of participants, usually lasting no more than one week. Their partnership with MEDS brings mutual support, advertisement, share of skills and experiences.

MEDSfriends: DSGN Bali

DSGN (Design Student Global Network) is a workshop initiative in association with MEDS, to begin in early 2019.

DSGN are collaborating with the Five Pillar Foundation — a local community-based organisation in West Bali, Indonesia — for a Community Learning Centre development scheme. The first workshop will focus on the construction of the primary spaces of the scheme for a one month period, where participants can engage in peer-to-peer learning, sustainable design & cultural education with the local community.