We might attend MEDS events for different reasons: because we want hands-on experience of collaboration, to explore a new country, or get to know like-minded designers. MEDS has it all and that’s why we keep coming back. Find out more about our previous workshops below.

MEDS Byblos, Lebanon 2018


Byblos, the city of a thousand faces, holds within its fortifications, not only a great deal of history but also a great deal of diversity in all its aspects. The urban entity translates the true definition of variety, combining within the same space, different types of people, each having ideas and opinions of their own, all in a very embracing atmosphere, celebrating the multidimensional aspects of a community.

MEDS Gent, Belgium 2017

Urban Haven

We see how more and more citizens around the world engage themselves to shape their surroundings in different but collaborative ways. Also in Gent, local initiatives question the existing structures and experiment with new social models. Inspired by their enthusiasm and vision on a sustainable environment, MEDS dives into the bottom up culture.

MEDS Bucharest, Romania 2016

City of Contrasts

Bucharest’s urban landscape is defined by contrasts, through its inappropriate juxtapositions, lack of rules and striking differences. Throughout time mansions have been built amid slums. Old churches were hidden by blocks during communist times. One of the largest building in the world was built after an entire neighborhood was demolished.

MEDS Tara, Serbia 2015

Ground Zero

Imagine we are rebuilding society from the ground up – a fresh start – rethinking all aspects of life using our design skills and sensibilities. The goal is to find inspiration in traditional work, craftsmanship and nature to realise our own designs. Not to get distracted by the outside world but seeking creativity from within this unique group.

MEDS Dublin, Ireland 2014

Global Green

MEDS has found accommodation in one of the most liveable European cities, in which everyone has the awareness of being a Global Green actor since Dublin City Council has been working towards significant investments in energy efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and sustainable urban development.

MEDS Lisbon, Portugal 2013


We react to everything around us and this immediate capacity to respond when facing something allows us to take a stand and, together with our principles, to form an opinion and act accordingly. MEDS intends to reflect and act upon the city’s small scale problems, around the area of Graça hill.

MEDS Ljubljana, Slovenia 2012


Several senses are often neglected nowadays throughout the world. Working with different materials and new approaches, we realise several temporary projects installed all around the city of Ljubljana. The purpose is to confront public audiences with the main concept behind each project and to encourage their public use.

MEDS Istanbul, Turkey 2011

Relationship between Europe and Asia

The city center of Istanbul is the perfect evidence of the juxtaposition of two continents: Europe and Asia. The contrast of culture, history, geography, is studied by tutors who define their workshops around these respective variables. Students are able to work and share ideas across disciplines, traditions and cultures.


MEDS Alanya, Turkey 2010

Alice in Designland

The classical tale “Alice in wonderland” is transformed into Alice in Designland as seen throughout the eyes of design students. Divided into four groups, they work on installations, construction, recycled materials and local tools, while sharing experiences, knowledge and fun.