The pavilion aims to promote apiarian culture through the organization of spatial elements combined with materials and artwork, in order to deliver to the visitor a full experience, artistic as well as educational. Beekeeping is a profession which requires specific knowledge about bees, and this pavilion imposes the visitor to move in a way which is similar to the waggle dance of the bees. The itinerary is not merely a naive imitation, but a chance to fully understand the world of bees. It starts with the artwork related to their life cycle, continues with the flower corner, which corresponds with their final activity and it ends with their ultimate product: honey.

Argyris Mathios (beekeeper)

Erida Bendo (Albania), Sarah Dobjani (Albania)

Ion Negura (Moldova), Maria Lagoudi (Cyprus), Eleni Theodora Xanthraki (Greece), Charikleia Papaioannou (Greece), Shivam Agrawal (India), Vlienim Sojeva (Kosovo), Maria Aleksandrova (Bulgaria)

Project Gallery