Zaragoza – Cierzo


12th edition
100 design students + young professionals
28 different countries
8 projects
Zaragoza, Spain
30 July till 14 August 2022

What is a MEDS Workshop?

MEDS “Meetings of Design Students” Workshop is an international workshop that takes part each summer in a different country, focusing on various issues, themes, topics and settings that will help any designer expand their expertise. It is a chance to get in touch with diverse approaches to design, different building techniques, traditions and skills. MEDS Workshop is both practical and educational because it focuses not only on creative theoretical designs, but actually compels participants to execute these designs during the 2-week span of the workshop. You can apply to MEDS as a tutor or as a participant.

Zaragoza – Cierzo 2022


Cierzo is a strong wind, characteristic of the city of Zaragoza, that is formed by the difference in temperature between two local air masses – warm and cold. In MEDS Cierzo this wind will be made up of young artists from all over the world, who will tour the streets, squares, and places of the neighborhood for two weeks to renew the airs of the past. 

About Zaragoza

The city of Zaragoza has more than two thousand years of history and is the capital of Aragon. Currently, Zaragoza is the fifth largest city in Spain with around 700,000 inhabitants. Traditionally it has been a crossroads and, therefore, a strategic point in the transport of goods and people between the main Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao.

Why Las Fuentes?

The average age of the population is very high, since it has always been one of the most populated working-class neighborhoods in the city, but this does not mean that it is not ruled out to reactivate its collaborative and entrepreneurial impetus. It is a neighborhood very involved with social initiatives that try to keep the community and its social ties alive. For all this, MEDS Cierzo has the task of fostering a link between the identity of its people, and young talent, creativity and innovation.



Aims to activate a small public space in Las Fuentes, through the introduction of both green space and artistic mosaics made from recycled wood.


The main idea of Wind Pavilion is to create an interesting space for the neighborhood of Las Fuentes. The pavilion is closely related to the wind.


Is a project about plastic, consumers are shamed for using it, a lot of designers avoid it, but Plastic it is a material reality of our time.


Is a pavilion that symbolizes the path of life. There is no beginning of the path and no end. The only thing that connects a person with reality is the Wind.


Is a workshop about designing lamps for local shops in Las Fuentes, Zaragoza. The workshop is built on experimental and performative design.


The project develops the idea of using elements as a way of interaction in the neighborhood. Creating a place to sit, to say and to play.


The main idea behind the project was to use observation of urban space as the main inspiration and tool for storytelling – maps, documents, games.


The main goal of the project was to help the local businesses “Yo Compro en Las Fuentes”, to gain visibility in the neighbourhood.

Organizers of MEDS ’22

The Team.

Adrián Alfonso: Workshop Manager
Ignacio Condón: Workshop Co-manager
Sergio Fuertes: Workshop Co-manager
Yacme Mangrané: Project & Tools
María Condón: Social Media & Website
Patricia Santos: Graphic Design & Media
Pablo Magdalena: Project Manager, Tools
Guillermo Rafales: Materials & Accomodation
Pilar Notivoli: Workshop & Media & Finance
Melisa De Castro: Accommodation & Catering
Sara Navarro: Accomodation & Participants