Silesia – Revival


11th edition
60 design students + young professionals
16 days
5 projects
6 extra activities
Silesia || Poland
30 July – 14 August 2021

What is a MEDS Workshop?

MEDS “Meetings of Design Students” Workshop is an international workshop that takes part each summer in a different country, focusing on various issues, themes, topics and settings that will help any designer expand their expertise. It is a chance to get in touch with diverse approaches to design, different building techniques, traditions and skills. MEDS Workshop is both practical and educational because it focuses not only on creative theoretical designs, but actually compels participants to execute these designs during the 2-week span of the workshop. You can apply to MEDS as a tutor or as a participant.

Silesia –
Revival 2021

The Theme – Revival

Silesia’s urban and architectural context as an industrial space of mines, smelters and factories translates into a particular sense of Silesian identity. Industrial context and identity allow us to reflect on the issue of transformation. Transformation that has already taken place, and the one that can potentially occur for the future of Silesia. 

Context, Identity and Transformation, three main categories of the MEDS REVIVAL theme are carried out through three main fields of action: Ecology, Society and Revitalization. 

About Silesia

Silesia had a completely different history than other regions of Poland and for almost 600 years the region did not belong to Poland until the end of World War I…

Since the 9th century, Upper Silesia has been part of first: Greater Moravia, then the Duchy of Bohemia, the Piast Kingdom of Poland, again of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown and the Holy Roman Empire, and then part of Habsburg Monarchy, later the Kingdom of Prussia and German Empire later… After the Second World War, it was placed under the administration of the Republic of Poland. As you can see our history is really interesting, and this year will be a great opportunity to get to know more about it!

There is a very strong Silesian identity in the historical region of Silesia and more than 800,000 people define themselves as part of a different nation.

MEDS Values

Ecology concerns the shift from the commercial industrial mindset to a sustainable one, which is both physical (creating eco-friendly projects that are to be put in the public space) and as well an attempt to shift the citizens’ mentality. 

The social aspect of the workshops encourages the inhabitants of the Silesian cities to engage in the changes that can be done in their nearest environment. MEDS participants and the citizens will brainstorm and work together to change the image of Katowice’s backyards. 

Revitalization directly refers to the refreshment of the historical spaces and bringing back their liveliness.

As well as the impact of these changes, hopefully, they will result in a revitalized identity of the citizens. more and more proud to be Silesian with all the implications that derive from the mixture of old and revived.

Organizers of MEDS ’21

The Team.

Magda Starożenko-Polak: Workshop Manager
Kamila Haja: Workshop Manager
Michalina Brokos: Graphic Design & Social Media
Sandra Przepiórkowska: Social Media
Ewelina Szczepanowska: Media
Blanka Przedpełska: Social Media & Project Support
Katarzyna Prokopiuk: Project Support
Aleksandra Rysak: Project Support
Iga Sowa: Project Support
Katarzyna Mizera: Project Support

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