MEDS ‘Meeting of Design Students’ is an international design network.

Professionals and students from diverse design backgrounds meet for workshops and events every year.

About MEDS.


Meeting of Design Students is a non-political, non-profit, multinational organisation organised by students and young professionals for students and graduates of all design disciplines and like minded individuals. MEDS aims to promote the positive role of design in society as well as interdisciplinary and cross-border collaboration in design. MEDS is a place for designers to make social and professional connections, unlock their potential and use their talents out of their faculty.

Mission Statement

The MEDS community and foundation is partly built upon a famous saying by Victor Papanek: “The only important thing about design is how it relates to people. Design, in whatever form, whether products, buildings, patterns, interactions or graphics is about people. Designers design for people. They make for people. They care about people.” 

MEDS is about working together, the cultural and interdisciplinary exchange, the collaboration between diverse backgrounds and the forming of friendships in a creative and unconventional environment.

This was 2023, stay tuned for 2024.

Our current initiatives.


MEDS Workshop is an international workshop that takes place each summer in a different country, focusing on various themes, topics and settings.


MEDS Travel is an initiative to visit and discover new countries and the opportunity to learn through documentation and authentic experiences.


MEDS Gallery represents MEDS with all its workshops and initiatives to people all over the world at different exhibitions, galleries and design weeks.


MEDS Forum is the annual organising meeting in autumn where active members meet to discuss and plan the future of MEDS Network.

Previous Workshop Destinations.

MEDS was co-founded by Zana and Can in 2010 where they started off with an international workshop in Alanya, Turkey. When the co-founders decided to step back in 2011 they asked Joe to take over as international director. Since 2015, MEDS is organised by departments and its active members.

After the second workshop edition in Istanbul in 2011 MEDS officially expanded into the European continent with its first workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2012. With each year the Network and the ambitions grew to go outside of Europe. In 2018 the Workshop took place in Lebanon and in 2023 in Gyumri, Armenia.


Alanya, Turkey


Istanbul, Turkey


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Lisbon, Portugal


Dublin, Ireland


Tara, Serbia


Bucharest, Romania


Gent, Belgium


Byblos, Lebanon


Spetses, Greece


Silesia, Poland


Zaragoza, Spain


Gyumri, Armenia

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