MEDS means

MEDS ‘Meeting of Design Students’ is an international network where professionals and students from diverse design backgrounds meet for workshops and events. The association started in 2010 with its first workshop in Turkey and has expanded ever since. Founded by two people and their group of friends, they wanted to create a workshop where they could share new ideas, collaborate, create and have a broad range of people from different fields of design. This created what is now one of the most successful multidisciplinary design workshops in Europe. It now hosts a broad range of activities and initiatives each year including MEDS Travel, MEDS Gallery, MEDS Studio as well as our annual MEDS Workshop and MEDS Forum.

Our initiatives


MEDS Workshop is an international workshop that takes place each summer in a different country, focusing on various themes, topics and settings.


MEDS Travel is an initiative to visit and discover new countries and the opportunity to learn through documentation and authentic experiences.


MEDS Gallery represents MEDS with all its workshops and initiatives to people all over the world at different exhibitions, galleries and design weeks.


MEDS Forum is the annual organising meeting where active members from each department, national contacts and national teams meet to discuss the future andplanning of MEDS Network.

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On the news

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