MEDS Retreat 2024


1st edition
45 participants
Many sessions
One big team

What is MEDS Retreat?

The main goal of this event is to take a step back after 14 years of MEDS existing, to redesign MEDS as a network, as well as its flagship annual summer workshop format. 45 people will work together in different team settings on the various issues MEDS is facing. Some tasks and projects are predefined, but there is space for new ideas and initiatives, with time for anyone to build a team and work on them.

Kłodzko Valley

Throughout the area of the Kłodzko Land you will find nature reserves and mountain trails with beautiful views. The Valley itself also offers vast meadows, hiking and cycling routes.

Bystrzyca Kłodzka

The City that is the closest to our accommodation has its origins as early as the 13th century. To this day it has fully preserved its medieval urban layout, which is one of the most interesting in Silesia. It is situated on a high hill, washed by the waters of Nysa Kłodzka and Bystrzyca from the east and south. Due to the city’s location, its buildings were shaped in terraces, creating a unique panorama and steep passages, sometimes leading up stone steps.


Bartosz Andreczko- management
Zuzanna Iżbicka- graphic design
Przemysław Kołodziejczyk- logistics
Artur Maciejowski- social media managment
Gabriela Poświata- accounting
Michał Puławski- graphic design
Mateusz Zawadzki- graphic design

Application call

Sign up from 15th of May to 1st of June