The Green Pavilion is a design challenge on many levels. Creating the best conditions for the hop plants and a pleasant place to rest for people while fitting into the historic fabric of the brewery was the main concept of the project. Benches, hop plants and shade sounds simple, but what gives it a flair are old, reused materials that were found on the site. The idea itself is simple, however, implementation turned out to be challenging. The 3Rs principle (reuse, reduce and recycle) is demonstrated at every stage of the project. Main materials were found on site – Civic Brewery… after reconstruction remaining materials were stored and now it was used for creating a completely new object.

Basia Płonczyńska, Architect, Poland
Dominika Ufnal, architect, Poland
Nicolas Boscoboinik, architect, Argentina

Klaudiusz Szwajka (Poland), Ralph Rizkallah (Lebanon), Mark Caruana (Malta), Leda Demetriadou (Cyprus), Donal McLarnon (Ireland), Iga Sowa (Poland), Agnieszka Niczyporczuk (Poland), Sara Prilepchanska (Macedonia), Ola Rysak (Poland), Agron Suka (Kosovo)

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