Stand Still is a project about plastic. In the middle of a worldwide plastics crisis, consumers are shamed for using it, a lot of designers avoid it, but it is a material reality of our time. Taking advantage of the HDPE’s capacity to be melted down and transformed, tutors and participants collected post-industrial and post-domestic plastic waste to make a series of tabletops. The material comes from Torre Ramona Park, in the Las Fuentes neighborhood and across the city, combined with material from the Dilavisheire recycling factory. The plastic was melted using an extrusion machine made available by Viaje a la Sostenibilidad, this allowed it to melt and form the shredded plastic into tabletops. As Linus Gruszewski and Andy Yu tutors of the project remark: “We hope that the tables tell the story of their fabrication, and give back to the neighborhood which provided the base material for their construction.” 

Linus Gruszewski, Andy Yu

Jorge Javier Ruiz Alcarazo (Spain), Ghida Metlej (Lebanon), Milica Šašić (Serbia), Katarzyna Prokopiuk (Poland), Sara Prilepchanska (Macedonia), Afef Skouri (Tunisia), Emma Vručinić (Croatia), Aramis Rudisuhli (Switzerland)

Ignacio Condón, Bhumit Shah, Linus Gruszewski, Andy Yu

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