The main idea of Wind Pavilion is to create an interesting space for the neighborhood of Las Fuentes. The pavilion is closely related to the wind. The circular shape that presents, allows an enclosed experience of sounds and relation with the design. The pavilion is located in Parque de Calistenia, Las Fuentes. It is divided into three main parts with a transition of the relationship between humans and nature in sonorous activities. The project only requires three constructive materials: one-dimensional pine wood for the main structure, bamboo and strings for sound elements.

Dominika Ufnal, Nicolas Boscoboinik

Ahmad El Zu´bi, Elveda Yildirim, Gaia Brenna, Mark Caruana, Stephanie Nicolas, Demetris Nicolaou, Sherry Guindy, Mo Abdelbary, Ahmed Bouksani, Jasmin Schnellmann, Justyna Gala, Dónal McLarnon, Stavroula Tziourtzia, Francisco Roy

Ignacio Condón, María Condón

Project Gallery