Emerging Ruins

The project assimilates the spirit of Spetses shipbuilding tradition and reinterprets the possibilities of its techniques, putting them to a radically different use. The curved shapes of wooden boat skeletons emerge from the water like ruins, hugging one of the most powerful identity points in the island of Spetses: one of the central piers. The wooden rods change their floating function, inverting their form, to form a skyline of emerged “ruins” that represent not only an homage to the shipbuilding tradition, but also a frame that catches the beauty of the maritime landscape in one single and condensed view. This promenade reforms the first point that tourists and inhabitants ex- perience when arriving to the island, but also the last one when they leave, reminding them of the importance of a historical technique that is nowadays slowly dying.

Nektarios Kleisas, shipbuilder

Adrian Alfonso, Yacme Mangrané

Eduardo Cervera (Spain), Mariam Arshakyan (Armenia), Dmitriy Ilin (Russia), Perla Nassar (Lebanon), Jan Jabłoński (Poland), Blagoje Cabrilo (Montenegro), Nuria Cánovas (Spain), Đorđe Doderović (Montenegro), Christina Tasouka (Greece), Nadia Corsetti (Canada), Emy Sofia Rebecca Edin (Sweden), Lara Rutten (Belgium), Victorine Lefebvre (France), Oumaima Iouafi (Algeria), Jure Korosec (Slovenia)

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