Sensory Garden

The sensory garden project aims to reactivate the abandoned garden of St. Nicolas. Monastery and turn it into a meeting point for the community. The landscape intervention consists of a path
that awakens our senses and forms different types of togetherness. We are inspired by the traditional technique of stone building and combine it with a contemporary design approach, in order to create some seating elements. Those are created reusing old stones, already existing at the garden. The concept of reusing materials can be also found in the small marble installations that were made out of the old bell tower’s marble. We experimented with the marble pieces in a way that generates a variety of new spaces. All these elements, together with colorful flowers, herbs and wild plants, trigger multiple senses and memories for the visitors.

Nefeli Samioti, Aggeliki Tsilidi

Laura Ciriano (Spain), Luca Pfeiffer (Switzerland), Constanze Becker (Germany), Yosra Cherif (Tunisia), Sonja Trajkovic (Serbia), Mahlon Asante (United Kingdom), Jayne Dib (Lebanon), Jasmin Schnellman (Switzerland), Serena Moisiu (Albania), Aurora Isufi (Switzerland)

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