The Triton pavilion is a public installation for remembrance. The project’s main goals are both to highlight the importance of the shipbuilding craftsmanship and its current hindrances and shed light upon MEDS workshop and the importance of recycling and up-cycling. Moreover, it is a warning for the future of the traditional boats, posing to everyone the following question: Where you would like to see them? Inside the sea or abandoned on the ground? The project involves two parts; the main installation which consists of 5 pieces of traditional boats, installed in a circular layout to form an enclosed public pavilion. The second part is side installations, including various up-cycled urban seats, which are made of old furniture and materials in addition to traditional boat parts.

Christoph Uckermark, Anthony Zgheib

Simone Kehdeh (Lebanon), Gregor Stražar (Slovenia), Florian Van De Voorde (Belgium), Michalis Constantinou (Cyprus), Amir Zejnullahu (Kosovo), Markela Çepani (Albania), Mihai-Daniel Birtu (Romania), Despoina Kolovou (Greece), Aliaksandra Sudnikovich (Belarus), Dunja Bubalo (Croatia), Federica Recla (Italy), Magali Jabbour (Lebanon), Sophie Leemans (Belgium), Cristi Iaconi (Romania), Berrin Karadağ (Turkey)

Project Gallery