Breakwater installation is a kind of barrier to the sea. As the location we chose a beach, which was our inspiration for the whole process. The proposed structure is intended to lie down and enjoy the beautiful Greek seacoast. It is a place for socialization and integration of all people – inhabitants and visitors of the island. With our construction we want to improve their time spent there, let them choose the most comfortable spot and position, especially in case the casual swimmer forgot their towel and doesn’t want to have sand on them! 

Marios Georgiou (carpenter)

Natalia Lipczuk, Joanna Wirkus

Sophie Elizabeth Atkinson (United Kingdom), İrem Acar (Turkey), Theodora Anastasiadi (Greece), Marco Van Rensbergen (Belgium), Diana-Maria Oprea (Romania), Kareem Haggag (Egypt), Barbara Agnieszka Habela (Poland), Danielle Eshkol (Israel), Krystyne Athanasia Kontos (Canada), Georgios Athanassiadis (Greece), Steven Alejandro Whitehouse (Britain), Dina Bartolic (Croatia), Begüm Saral (Turkey), Kate Hunter Hanley (Ireland), Rebecca Ray (Ireland), Majduline Djaziri (Tunisia), Olivia Dimitrishyna (Ukraine), Bhumit Shah (India)

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