Built-in carpet

What is a loom? It is a tool that produces textiles using threads in two directions; the vertical direction is stable, and the horizontal one goes up and down. What is our loom? It is a structural system that allows us to produce surfaces by weaving two different materials; the wooden planks for the stability of the system and the fabric stripes for the needed elasticity. The architectural interpretation of the loom provides us with a game with the space. A person, in order to get familiarized with a space, has to fulfill three basic needs; a place to sit, a place to lay, a place to eat. These basic functions, interwoven with a different degree of socialization-isolation, were the case study of the final product of our loom.

Marios Georgiou (carpenter)

Georgia Drampalou, Dimitra Vrenta

Christina Matta (Lebanon), Asma Derouiche (Tunisia), Andrea Zobec (Serbia), Gwenaëlle Auvry (France), Kate Tierney (Ireland), Marine Fondin (France), Berrin Karadağ (Turkey), Veranika Yazepchyk (Belarus), Eva Valeria Vidal Crespo (Spain), Enes Bayran (Turkey)

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