Space and Food: Making Togetherness

This project engaged with the design and materialization of installations which derive from our imagination. Learning from the art of cooking and seeing food as material, we heighten our senses to be more aware of our surroundings and attentive to the environment. Exploring, discussing and with a playful attitude, we listen to the whispers of the secret garden of the Monastery and by paying close attention, we find clues to what the secret garden is and the stories it wants to narrate. The final installations comprise the collection of these imaginations of the Monastery’s secret garden.

Andy Yu, Architect and Teacher

Marisa Borabo (Belgium), Maria Gialouri (Greece), Mirto Rentzeperi (Greece), Johannes Torrång (Sweden), Margarit Amirkhanyan (Armenia), Viktor Golemdjiski (North Macedonia), Roksolana Pylypchuk (Ukraine), Paweł Domański (Poland)

Project Gallery