Pebbel Rebel

The Pebble Rebel project aims to the revival of the traditional craft of pebble decoration. Pebble decorations spread around the island form a central part in the identity of Spetses island, as they affect the textures, the soundscape and the rhythm of the visitors’ walking. After a lot of wandering, capturing and documenting, we gathered all the information and through an interpretation procedure we sought to convey this traditional technique to contemporary design. The final result is the realization of a pebble decoration created by 10 designers from 8 different countries that worked together for 2 weeks full of inspiration, creativity and positive energy to leave a trace in this beautiful place.

Panayotis Damdimopoulos (pebble floor craftman), Grigorios Katsouranis (pebble floor craftman), Nikos Kontaratos (artist)

Anastasia Florou, Mado Milosi, Yiouli Beltsou

Gaelle Mattar (Lebanon), Kristina Barbalat (Moldova), Laura Folmer (France), Carolina Artavia (Costa Rica), Hassan Mohamed (Egypt), Olga Stefanova (Bulgaria), Valeriia Stavitskaia (Russia)

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