Under My Umbrella

Under My Umbrella celebrates the traditional craft of weaving combined with different textile techniques. The project is a result of exploring, learning and observing Greek culture. The group had the opportunity to learn traditional Greek dance, visit Bouboulina’s Museum, featuring a wide collection of traditional greek costumes, participate in traditional costume making and simply take impressions of everyday life. These elements were the basis of inspiration for the design of the beach umbrellas. The framework for the umbrellas comes from upcycled materials along with the fabrics used for weaving. The resulting umbrellas create a shading spot on the public beach of Ayios Mamas, giving new life to the island’s tradition. 

Jenny Lapata, Eleni Pavlou, Maria Galanopoulou

Marta Badurina, Josipa Tadić

Evie Dixon (United Kingdom), Mariam Arshakyan (Republic of Armenia), Anna Kowalczyk (Poland), Mirjam Jørgensen (Faroe Island), Petrine Prien Christensen (Denmark), Jenny Saridi (Greece), Martina Bianconcini (Italy), Levi Fracasso (Italy)

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